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Sep. 29, 2017

I am getting back into it... posting and cooking and sharing all I do with you. I have udated my Youtube channel so you can see what silly things i have been up to. I love posting in Youtube. I want to get as many likes and subscribers as possible so please share my videos with your friends. 😋 As always, thanks for following me! God Bless

May. 30, 2017

Today I had a great day! I did normal things at school, but I joined my school choir. Since the beginning of choir my Best Friend (from school) and I have not stopped laughing. My music teacher thinks it's funny and tries to hide it from us. Tuesday my Granma & Grandpa came but they have to leave tomorrow. Saturday we all went to Leavenworth for a day and Sunday we went to the Oregon coast for a day. We have fun! Check out the pictures I took on our trip. God Loves You! 

Feb. 13, 2017

On Friday I took a lot of baked goods to my school for a Soc Hop. I was so happy to sell all of them very fast. I even had people come back asking me to make so for them personaly. My Mom said I could make them for a donation if people wanted to order from me. So let me know if you want anything.

Jan. 26, 2017

Sorry I haven’t written in a long time. I have been busy because we are doing a thing called the science expo which is like a science fair. My science project is identifying the most common food allergies. And tasting which recipe taste better not allergy friendly or allergy friendly? My prediction is allergy friendly. If you haven’t yet make sure you go on YouTube and watch, like, and subscribe to Lala’s and my videos! Some of them are just me. Or you can just go on my blog and watch them under videos. But you might have to click older at the very bottom of the page. My mom says that Lala and I are weekend sisters. She says that because we spend almost every weekend together. Lala’s mom says I am her daughter from another mother! I am not sure if I have already told you this but in my class, we do a thing called “ketchup, mustard, RELISH! You probably don’t know what that means but, you don’t  want to be on ketchup or mustard!! Ketchup is where you didn’t finish your homework and you need to “ketch-up”. Get it ketchup:]:]! Haha! Lol! Mustard is where you got an office referral. And finally, RELISH! You really want to be on RELISH! RELISH is where you completed all your homework and you celebrate your hard work for the 2 weeks. We only do ketchup, mustard, and RELISH every 2 weeks on a Friday so, tomorrow is the day. I am on RELISH! ALL THE HOMEWORK IS READING LOG [ 5 H for home and 5 S for school.] Fact fluency [ 40 minutes and 2 initials of someone who saw you practice] Reading and math packet, Thursday folders signed, and planners 4 initials. A lot of homework, right? Reading and math homework normally has 6-7 pages! Right now I have been in a singing choir group after school at my school every Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. Lately on my own time, I have been doing a lot of gymnastics. This summer I want to go to gymnastic class at leased 3 times a week! God loves you!

P.S my YouTube channel name is Kaydyn Coolbaugh!!          

Jan. 19, 2017

I have started doing videos with my bestie and we have created a youtube channel to post them. I will post some here for all of you to see but please subscribe to my youtube channel to help me share. 🙂